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The Mediterranean from Antibes

destinations opi monaco
Day One

Begin this wonderful week and a half journey in Antibes, where you will board your charter yacht and immediately get accustomed to the luxurious accommodations. Take in the scenery as you sail to Monaco in the afternoon. Stroll the seafront before hitting the Monte Carlo Casino at night!

Day Two

Spend the day and evening in picturesque Portofino. An overnight voyage will find you to this colourful Italian village with ample time to go diving, visit the beach, and do some shopping.

Day Three

Explore and relax, soaking in this picture-perfect part of the Italian coast, or head south early to Corsica.

Day Four

Arrive in Bonifacio, Corsica, where you will see a medieval walled town rising up from the natural harbour’s narrow inlet. Bonifacio offers a great contrast of sea and mountain, port and fortress.

Day Five

Linger in the waters of Budelli Island in the morning and then make your way over to Porto Cervo, Sardinia. Go for a swim, then eat lunch onboard, and relax on deck as you move from island to island.

Day Six

Enjoy an entire day and night in Porto Cervo, Sardinia’s premiere vacation spot. This seaside resort area is Costa Smeralda’s main centre; it is posh and casual at the same time.

Day Seven

Leave Porto Cervo at noon and go visit Cala Di Volpe on the east coast of Sardinia. This famous hotel has great amenities including water sports, tennis courts, putting green, and beach scene!

Day Eight

Cruise over to Maddalena Island and drop anchor so you can go for a swim, or just lounge on deck. The island has a couple of beaches and ancient forts; pedestrians tend to gather at Piazza Umberto I. Cruise overnight to the west coast of Corsica.

Day Nine

Wake up in the Golfo de Giralata. Go ashore to visit the local village or plan an excursion to Ajaccio. Ajaccio is a sheltered commercial port whose town centre has palm trees, hotels, and shops. You are more than welcome to stay in the Gulf and go swimming before making a night sail to Antibes.

Day Ten

Explore Antibes, do yourself a favour and wander around town for a while. Antibes has its share of quality museums, parks, and restaurants. Pretty Juan-les-Pins juts out from Antibes and provides the perfect place to sit down and reflect on what a trip you’ve had.

Day Eleven

Depart Antibes at noon, don’t forget to write down your favourite parts so you can repeat them on your next charter!



destinations opi bodrum

Day 1 Bodrum – Kos (10nm – around 2 hours)

Guests will fly in to Bodrum airport where they will be met by the First Mate who will escort them to the yacht in the marina, a journey time of approximately 45 minutes. After introducing the crew, the Captain will give a short safety brief before inviting the guests to explore the yacht and perhaps enjoy a brief foray into Bodrum.

This was originally the ancient city of Halicarnassus, where king Mausolus’ sister built his great tomb, one of the seven ancient wonders of the world, which gave us the word ‘mausoleum’. Sadly, there is little left after an earthquake destroyed it in the 15th century. During the afternoon we will need to make our clearances out of Turkey and then depart at a time to suit our guests. Sailing from Bodrum to the Greek Island of Kos, the passage will take an hour and a half to reach the harbour in Kos old town. Here we must clear customs into Greece. In ancient times Kos was the home of Hippocrates, the famous physician that gave us the Hippocratic oath, and was also famed for its silk. Now famed for its modern tourist trade with bars restaurants and nightlife, the town does have an ancient fort and a museum as well as being adorned by oleander, bougainvillea, jasmine and hibiscus in abundance.

Day 2 Kos – Kalimnos (16nm)

Departing from Kos after breakfast, or some morning exercise ashore, guests may enjoy an anchorage stop at Nisos Pserimos to enjoy swimming, water sports and lunch before continuing on to the port of Kalimnos. Famous for its earlier sponge fishing industry, Kalimnos offers a busy tourist town with bars and restaurants, but for those seeking a little culture excursion can be arranged to see the monastery, the landscape and spectacular views of the north of the island and/or the natural sponge factory. Alternatively, we can find a sheltered anchorage for the night along the island’s somewhat barren and deserted east coast.

Day 3 Kalimnos – Patmos via Leros (35nm)

When the guests are ready to depart, we will proceed on towards Patmos, the northern most island of the Dodecanese, stopping halfway for lunch and more water sports at the island of Leros. Less harsh than the arid land of Kalimnos, Leros offers a backdrop of rounded hills with trees and greenery. After a further 2-hour passage, in the afternoon we will arrive at Patmos where guests can choose to berth in the small town or seek serenity and seclusion at anchor in one of the bays to the south. The island of Patmos is comprised of three barren volcanic mounds joined by narrow isthmuses. A spiritual home to the Greek Orthodox church, this is where St John is supposed to have written the Apocalypse in a cave, dictating the fiery words of God to a disciple. Nowadays the island offers a berth for cruise ships visiting the monastery and other historical sites with the associated tourist restaurants and shops.

Day 4 Patmos – Didim (Altinkum) via Arki (33nm)

A late start after a leisurely breakfast will still allow us to reach the wildlife refuge on the Island of Arki, or perhaps Marathos, after a short passage of about an hour, anchoring here for a walk ashore, swimming and lunch. We will then proceed onward for the final 2.5-hour passage to the new and expansive Marina at Didim. Originally a religious sanctuary to Apollo, famed for its oracle long before Delphi, after we have checked back into Turkey, a short taxi ride will take guests to view the remains of the largest Ionic temple in the world, dating from 300BC. The town itself is a burgeoning tourist resort with bars, restaurants and nightlife and the marina is well appointed with some shops and a smart yacht club.

Day 5 Didim – Turkbuku (15nm)

Perhaps after a run or a morning swim at the yacht club’s pool, we will sail from Didim for the 15nm passage across Gulluk Korfezi to Turkbuku, the favoured holiday destination of Turkish high society. Anchoring in the bay and depending on the yacht you choose and the equipment on board, you can spend an exciting time jet-skiing, water-skiing or using other water toys towed behind the fast tender. A single landing point will offer access to the town’s cafés and fine restaurants, though a prior booking may allow us to land guests direct to the restaurant’s jetty. With many bays to choose from in the area, a secluded anchorage for the night might provide a preferred alternative.

Day 6 Turkbuku – Yalikavak (13nm)

A very short passage plan will give us plenty of flexibility to explore the bays and inlets along the coast between Turkbuku and our next stop, Yalikavak. With plenty of bays to choose from, some with sandy beaches, we can choose a lunch stop for swimming before moving on in the afternoon to arrive at the very upmarket Palmarina. We might berth in front of the ‘Millionaire’s Club’, with a spa and an infinity pool overlooking the sea, and guests may enjoy a stroll along the boardwalk past the displays of art work and classic cars whilst investigating the restaurants and chic boutiques. If the draw of a marina fails to excite our guests, there are again other sheltered bays to choose from for an overnight anchorage.

Day 7 Yalikavak – Turgutreis via Catal Ada (10nm)

Another short hop will take us south along the Turkish coast opposite the Greek islands we have already visited. A small, uninhabited island between the two countries offers a popular spot to swim and picnic ashore on the sandy beach. Catal Ada is formed of two rocky peaks joined by a narrow sandy isthmus offering a suitable anchorage when the weather is calm. A very short hop across the water back to the mainland will take us into Turgutreis marina which offers a superbly located bar on the end of the breakwater from which to enjoy the sun setting over the Greek islands whilst enjoying a sundowner.

Day 8 Turgutreis – Bodrum (18nm)

On our final day at sea we will enjoy a short passage around the south west corner of Turkey, past the island of Kos, and come to anchor in a sheltered location near ‘the aquarium’. This is a narrow passage of water between the two islands where there is an abundance of fish and sea life in the shallow waters. Guests may enjoy snorkelling from the tender or, for suitably qualified guests, a rendezvous scuba dive can be arranged. From here it is only a short half hour’s passage back to Bodrum where we can anchor south of the castle or enter the marina to enjoy the delights of the town on the last night of the holiday. There are several fine restaurants and night-life in Bodrum to be enjoyed including a floating night club that takes you out into the harbour or the famous Halicarnassus which is the biggest name in clubbing in Turkey.

Bodrum – the journey from the port to the airport will take about 45 minutes, so depending on flight times, guests may wish to spend their final morning exploring the old town for those last-minute presents to take home, or a visit to the fascinating castle, built by the crusaders in the 12th century is well worthwhile. The interior crew may assist with packing before providing a long, relaxing and sumptuous breakfast. We will then sadly say our goodbyes at the end of what we hope will be a relaxing whilst exciting and memorable cruise.


via Amalfi and Capri

destinations opi amalfi

Day One

Start your trip by boarding the yacht at Naples Mergellina Harbour, and then immediately leaving for Capri! You’ll enjoy a delicious lunch on board en route, and then arrive at Capri in time to visit the Blue Grotto and shop in the town of Anacapri. Have drinks or dinner at Da Paolino where patrons feast on terrific food and wine under the restaurant’s own lemon trees!

Day Two

Eat a hearty breakfast aboard and then set out for gorgeous Positano! On your way, allow the captain to make a stop at the Galli Islands, a.k.a. ‘Le Sirenuse.’ This archipelago between Italy and Capri is so named for their infamous siren calls that keep people coming back. Have lunch on board and arrive in Positano in time for a walk before dinner. Positano has a main street that wanders steeply down from the main road to the beach and then back up again, sure to give you a good appetite!

Day Three

Get ready for a full day! Make an excursion to Pompeii from Positano or Sorrento by private car. Stand at the Temple of Jupiter and look out at the effects of Mt. Vesuvius, still looming in the background. Hire a private guide and walk the streets of Pompeii. Finally, once back aboard, cruise to the town of Amalfi to spend the night. Look up from your comfortable berth on the water to see people living their lives on Amalfi’s dramatic cliffs.

Day Four

Cruise along the Costa Amalfi as you make your way to Sorrento. Let the crew serve you lunch on board before you go ashore. Check out the harbour (overlooking the Bay of Naples) and then visit Piazza Tasso. Have some refreshing Limoncello made from local lemon rind, and all the while you’ll be able to keep Mt. Vesuvius in sight!

Days Five and Six

Go to the Piccolo Marina on Capri’s south shore where you will pick up a mooring and have the day to explore. Piccolo Marina’s immediate area provides a lovely place to swim. Once on land, you might want to see the ruins of Imperial Rome or go for a leisurely walk along the villa-lined promenade Belvedere of Tragara. There’s always the great shopping in Capri to look forward to – always plenty to do on Capri!

Day Seven

Depart for Mergellina Harbour, Naples, where you will disembark at noon. There’s plenty to see and do right here, so don’t rush off without getting a taste of Napoli! Relax at an outdoor cafe and have an incomparable Italian coffee while you think back on the highlights of your trip. See you next time!


Amalfi to Portofino – The Amalfi Coast

destinations opi portofino

Visit the towns of Amalfi and Positano on your Italian yacht charter – they are popular for a reason. Built into the hillside rising up from the sea, they provide magnificent panoramas of the water. Photographs simply cannot do this coast justice. Amalfi, once an independent country, is the larger of the two and is a classic Italian coastal town that gives its name to the whole coast. Don’t miss out on a drive along the scenic coastal road that is not for the faint of heart!

Positano is much smaller with a single lane road leading steeply down into this idyllic village and up out again. A small beach greets visitors who venture all the way down to the water with eateries allowing views over the beach to the island of Capri.

Rapallo is known for its concerts, while the much larger tourist town of Sorrento stands proudly on a plateau the other side of the peninsula with a dramatically sheer drop to the sea. The town itself is charming, and the countryside has fragrant citrus orchards.

This coast is close to the International airport at Naples. Naples itself makes a good location to start a charter exploring this coast and the islands of the Bay of Naples.

Thinking about a luxury trip to visit some relics of a classical civilization in Pompeii? Have you ever considered an extravagant sailing trip around the beautiful island of Capri? We can help you charter the perfect luxury yacht for touring around the islands near Naples and the Amalfi coast.

Islands in the Bay of Naples


Due to her volcanic origins there are many thermal fountains that have made Ischia famous worldwide.


A.K.A. the “Queen of the Mediterranean.” Many centuries ago this island was torn apart from the coast of Sorrento by an earthquake. The magical game of lights in Capri’s famous ‘Blue Grotto’ attracts tourists from all over the world.


Procida is still quite protected from the massive influence of tourists and provides visitors with a step back in time. Meandering around colourful houses and narrow passages offers a delightful way to see this Italian island from a local’s perspective.

San Remo

San Remo is called Villagio dei Fiori (town of flowers), and once you get there you’ll see why. There are several spectacular parks and gardens scattered throughout the town, and they’re a real treat for the senses. Take shelter in the ornately pretty Russian Orthodox church of San Basilio. Go horseback riding, gamble at the casino, play 18 holes of golf or visit the busy shopping streets and town market – let the floral scent lead the way!

San Remo, also spelled Sanremo, is a wonderful tourist destination. San Remo was founded in Roman times, and in the 18th century the town decided to build Santa Tecla fortress to stand up to ever-expanding Genoese borders. San Remo’s history also includes time spent as the Kingdom of Sardinia’s annexation on continental Europe. The fort that once served as a prison is now becoming a museum ready to welcome visitors from all over the world.


Portovenere is cited as the westernmost tip of the Golfo della Spezia. The town is dominated by its 13th century citadel, and quite a few of the colourful houses date back as far. Explore the 12th century Church of San Lorenzo and the tiny 6th century Church of San Pietro, which sits high on a cliff overlooking the bay and is clearly visible to incoming vessels. With only a couple of shopping streets and no nightclubs, this is a great escape. Make a side trip to La Spezia for shops, bars, and restaurants.


This port town started life as a fishing village, and although that is still evident, it currently has a more polished feel. All the houses and cafes lining the port are painted in warm, bright colours, and restaurants of varying styles are placed among them as they edge the square. You’ll love exploring the tiny streets that wind up the hillsides surrounding the centre of town. Take in the Mediterranean views over coffee al fresco.

Portofino is a fishing village set in a cosy crescent shape in the Genoa Province of north-western Italy and one of its best features is the rockiness of the coast, with colourful houses that perch whimsically along the harbour. It has a small harbour, a hilltop castle that watches over the town, and enough olive groves to guarantee you won’t forget you’re in Italy! Portofino’s proximity to the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Cinque Terra is also part of its convenience and charm.

Once in Portofino, you will find life is easier sans automobile as the area is basically car free and parking is an unwanted hassle. Since you’re on foot, you should visit Portofino’s regional park whose combination of wooded and flowery areas make for an excellent day trip. You’ll get to walk among olive trees, hike trails, and view some lovely Italian gardens.

Eating in Portofino

The one thing that can’t be avoided in this fishing village is seafood! While dining al fresco and overlooking the harbour, you would find it odd if the menu weren’t heavy on frutta de mare, and Portofino certainly delivers the goods in this respect. The other suggested dish is a Genovese specialty, green minestrone. Wash this down with some Italian vino, and you’ll be good to go!

Gorgeous Geography

Portofino’s naturally craggy coast makes for some interesting sites. Swimming and boating are restricted in the marine protected areas, but there are 20 dive sites and several outfits waiting to take you into the deep. Christ of the Abyss, a submerged statue in the San Fruttuoso area, is there as much as an attraction as to “watch over” fishermen and divers. The steep coastline has terrifically scenic overhangs, and Portofino’s cobble-stoned town is quite popular with the luxury yacht set. A path near the botanical gardens will lead you up to Castello Brown where you can take in the entire scene. And once you’ve covered the recommended sites of Portofino, you can head to Cinque Terra’s five unassuming towns, which are linked via coastal walkway. Looking down onto the town and the water from a rocky ledge might make you feel powerful but looking up at the same cliffs and olive groves from your chartered yacht will fill you with a sense of awe. Portofino is truly inspiring!